OeTTINGER brewing culture: Film about beer in and from Bavaria

Beer has always been part of Bavarian culture in some form or another. Now, as part of the TV series Bayern Erleben (Experience Bavaria), the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) has taken a closer look at this tradition and the delightful way of life associated with it. The result: A 45-minute documentary entitled “The Bavarian brewing culture”. It was shown this week for the first time and is now also accessible online in the media libraries of the German broadcasters ARD and BR.

At minute 31, the focus is on our OeTTINGER Brewery, with our headquarters in Oettingen and OeTTINGER’s original site in Fürnheim, where our family business steeped in tradition was originally born.

In the interview, Pia Kollmar, who inherited the brewery and is now Managing Director, talks about our OeTTINEGR story and what makes us special. She describes the business’s unique transformation from a small pub brewery to a globally successful major brewing operation and the pioneering role her father Günther Kollmar (1937-2013) played in this development, as well as highlighting the importance of the brewing tradition to the whole family: “Beer is in the Kollmars’ blood – and it has been since 1731!”

Watch the show for yourselves! And while you’re at it, why not enjoy one of our 20 outstanding Original OeTTINGER beers!

Non-stop: The BR team filming in Oettingen (source: Bayerischer Rundfunk)