OeTTINGER continues its PR offensive

The company is moving into the next phase of its PR offensive and intensifying its dialogue with consumers by means of three humorous online ads / PR online, at the POS and on products.

OeTTINGER, the traditional German company, is pursuing its strategy of improved consumer information. It continues to focus on “GMO-free” and “We are OeTTINGER” as well as the OeTTINGER brand itself now. A key milestone in this strategy was the launch of the company´s new website at the end of 2014, which is setting new benchmarks and also attracting a lot of attention.

OeTTINGER is now systematically expanding its dialogue through social media channels. The focus of the online PR work is on three videos that will go online starting on 18 April 2015, in which the OeTTINGER brand presents itself as being down-to-earth and authentic: “0% ARTIFICIAL. 100% REAL” is the slogan. The videos present the OeTTINGER brand with the help of short, humorous stories showing that OeTTINGER can be fun.
“We are looking to have a dialogue with our consumers, create a high level of identification with the brand and thereby position the OeTTINGER brand more actively as a lively and distinctive brand. We are focussing all our work on online PR and social media,” explains Managing Director Jörg Dierig, Managing Director of OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH. The high levels of interaction are already demonstrating the success of the online campaigns: the brand’s Facebook fans have doubled since the start of the year.

Accompanying POS actions
Alongside the company’s online PR, the display of the OeTTINGER brand in the retail industry also has top priority. The online PR therefore goes hand in hand with corresponding campaigns at the POS. Selected products are being used to spread the PR concept even more widely and take it directly to the consumer with special crown bottle tops and labels on the backs of bottles.

Success in the market with a clear profile

The mission to communicate the image of the OeTTINGER brand more consciously is behind the various campaigns. “Hardly anyone believes today that you can have good quality at a reasonable price,” explains Jörg Dierig. “We have to communicate even more strongly the fact that value for money can also mean good.”

Following comprehensive market research, the OeTTINGER brewery developed a clear brand profile, complete with imagery and language that pick up on the brand’s down-to-earth and edgy character, together with the JoussenKarlizcek agency.


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