OeTTINGER again recognized by WiWo: “Very significant contribution to the public interest”

Yet again, the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche has recognized OeTTINGER as a “Top employer for the common good” that makes a “very significant contribution to the public interest”.

We have even managed to improve on our last score, jumping up from 90th to 79th place out of 2,121 businesses in Germany.
Of course, our performance in Bavaria (where our headquarters are located) is of particular importance: Here, we rank in 11th place. We also beat our previous ranking among the major German drinks manufacturers, climbing two places from 4th to 2nd in the rankings!

As in previous years, the rankings are based on a Germany-wide consumer survey comprising around 300,000 evaluations from German citizens. They were asked which business in their local are they believed made a significant “contribution to the public interest”. Respondents awarded a rating on a scale from 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor). OeTTINGER came out with an outstanding average value of 2.63 – as such, our brewery has again been awarded the rating of “very significant contribution to the public interest” for 2023 as well.

For many years now, OeTTINGER has been making a name for itself in the regions surrounding its brewery locations by supporting the voluntary work undertaken by its employees as part of local clubs and associations


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