OeTTINGER goes e-sports

Although collecting “loot” in Fortnite, following the “lanes” in League of Legends and carrying out “flanking” attacks in Overwatch might only sound like a bit of fun, these games can also be real sports too. The 1337Camp in Waiblingen near Stuttgart is Germany’s largest e-sports camp, offering a place for amateur and professional e-athletes to train and hone their skills. And OeTTINGER has recently started providing the required refreshments in the Gaming House.

OeTea-Time: Refreshment in the gaming house.

The 1337Camp has more than 75 Elite Gaming Stations with the fastest internet technology and is the training site for numerous top international teams. The e-athletes and streamers broadcast their training from the four-story building, with fans from across the world able to watch live via Twitch. Our drinks are always on hand. After just a few weeks it is already clear that our Original OeTTINGER OeTeaOriginal OeTTINGER Mate-Cola and almost everything from our Glorietta-Range are particular favorites among the gamers. 

A big “thank you” to TwoReach for your wonderful support!