The annual ceremony to honour the Oettinger Brewery’s long-service employees was held in mid-November. 36 employees were honoured, with an impressive total of 700 years of service with the company.

The long-service employees have shown in the past few years that their performance and commitment is above the average. “We have the best chance of overcoming future challenges with the very best product quality and exceptional employees,” commented Managing Director Michael Mayer, who extended his warmest thanks to all long-service employees for their work and loyalty to the company.

Only with long-serving employees is it possible to establish a corporate culture and carry these values forward. Shareholder Pia Kollmar put it in a nutshell: “If you can look back today on 10, 20, 25, 30 or even 40 years of service for the brewery, then you can say with pride: “This is also my factory!”

The long-service employees were treated to a 4-course Forstquell menu with the company’s shareholders and management team and, of course, this presented the opportunity to share stories from the past with each other.

Special mention needs to be made of Monika Steidle, who has been working in the Oettinger Brewery’s HR department for 40 years and clearly has a magic touch as she was involved in the appointment of this year’s long-service employees and a further 35 long-service employees.

The 20, 25, 30 and 40-year long-service employees (listed alphabetically) Mario Batz, Winfried Beck, Tobias Birkert, Tobias Dürrwanger, Josef Frey, Paul Friedel, Werner Geiger, Willi Gerhard, Gertrud Gruber, Stefan Haas, Isidor Huggenberger, Katrin Kahlert, Tino Kirstein, Karl-Heinz Lanzinner, Renate Meilbeck, Tobias Michel, Tatjana Peschel, Timo Saur, Christoph Sens, Monika Steidle, Markus Wagner, Thomas Wiedemann, Annette Vogelsang stand around shareholders Ingrid and Pia Kollmar (centre).

The 10-year service employees (listed alphabetically): Michael Beck, Bernd Becke, Matthias Brandt, Thomas Dommel, Nico Dürrwanger, Günther Fall, Stefan Hager, Andreas Kaumeier, Daniel Kienberger, Ariane Kögel, Dominik Reichardt, Matthias Riegel, Dieter Wagner, flanked by Managing Director Dr. Andreas W. Boettger (left), Bernhard Wenninger (right) and Chair of the Works Council Oliver Bosch (2nd from left / Photos: Michael Mayer).


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