Oettingen, 29 March 2016
Alcohol-free malt is very popular with sportsmen and women. From April the product is not just available in 0.5-litre reusable glass bottles, but also in smaller 0.33-litre six-packs. “Our customers have asked us to offer our malt beer in smaller units – to quench their thirst on the go,” explains Mr. Dierig. “We took this consumer need into account. Ultimately people can now conveniently take the smaller, handy bottles with them to recharge their energy levels when doing sport or out on a bike ride.” The proven Oettinger Malt formulation remains unchanged. Consumers love the dark colour and its fresh malty taste. With a low hop content, the malt drink is also winning over customers with its subtle bitter taste combined with a slight sweetness.

Oettinger alcohol-free malt beer is available in well-stocked drinks retailers and food retailers throughout Germany. Oettinger’s unique range now includes something to suit almost every beer taste: alongside 25 Original Oettinger brand beers and beer-based mixed drinks, including Vollbier, wheat beer, Pilsner lager and alcohol-free drinks as well as soft drinks, the company also produces additional beer brands specifically for food retailers and regional brands. The pure beer brewer has developed in recent decades to become a multifaceted drinks producer with around 300 different products for sale in Germany and abroad.


About Oettinger
Producing around 930 million litres, the Oettinger Group is one of Germany’s largest brewing companies. Every year it bottles around 2 billion bottles and cans with beer, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks. The family-owned company, which has been based in the Bavarian town of Oettingen since 1731, now has a workforce of 1,050. Apart from end-to-end quality control, state-of-the-art production facilities at four different sites, a Logistics Centre and company-wide environmental awareness, the company also endeavours to provide attractive pricing – made possible by efficient direct sales. Oettinger products are sold across the globe. The entire range of beer has also carried the official “GMO-FREE” seal since March 2013 – in the spring of 2015, the “GMO-FREE” and “Non-GMO” seal was also extended to export beers.


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