OeTTINGER named one of the most valuable employers in Germany

For the second consecutive time, OeTTINGER Brewery has been recognized as a top employer!
First of all, the publications WirtschaftsWoche and Handelsblatt have named OeTTINGER Brewery as a “Top employer for the common good” that makes a “very significant contribution to the public interest”. In this category, OeTTINGER Brewery was ranked in 90th position out of more than 2,000 businesses in Germany, while also securing 4th place among large breweries. Factors considered during the evaluation process include job creation, tax payments and sustainability programs. However, businesses can have an even greater impact on the common good when they act as a benefactor, sponsor or donor, and when they proactively foster social commitment among staff members. The basis of this accolade was a Germany-wide consumer survey with around 300,000 ratings from the German people.
In addition, a major study recently carried out by WELT, the online platform of the newspaper Die Welt, involving 700,000 people from almost 4,000 businesses evaluated employee opinions of their employers. Here, OeTTINGER Brewery was rated as “Highly attractive” with a final score of 2.88.
By the way, current job vacancies at OeTTINGER Brewery can be viewed on our website at: www.oettinger-bier.de/karriere/

Thumbs up: OeTTINGER Brewery has been recognized as one of Germany’s most valuable employers.


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