OeTTINGER Pils rated "very good” – ÖKO-TEST praises quality

With a market share of almost 50%, Pils* is Germany’s most popular beer. This somewhat more strongly hopped beer with its slightly bitter taste is also OeTTINGER Brewery’s best-selling product, followed by the Export and Hefeweizen variants.

And now, ÖKO-TEST has once again confirmed that OeTTINGER Pils is both tasty and top quality. In a quality test, the consumer magazine compared and tested the 43 most popular Pils brands on the German market. Aspects such as bitterness units, alcohol content, foam stability and ingredients were assessed. OeTTINGER Pils performed convincingly across the board and overall, it was awarded the top rating of “very good”.

Managing Director Peter Böck says: “OeTTINGER stands for top quality, tasty beer at the best price. OeTTINGER Pils was also given the rating “very good” in the magazine test back in 2009, while this year’s rating once again serves as a huge thank you to all our employees. It shows that we do not rest on our laurels after enjoying success, but rather, we use awards such as this as an incentive to maintain our high level.”

OeTTINGER Brewery has already won seven regional awards and four federal awards for consistently high-quality products. Moreover, since 1980, OeTTINGER Brewery has won a total of 214 medals in DLG quality controls, seven DLG prizes for long-standing product quality and seven Gold Awards Monde Selection.

* GfK Consumer Panel, beer market statistics Germany 2018; (Pils (excluding alcohol-free Pils): 47% market share

OeTTINGER Pils rated “very good” – ÖKO-TEST praises quality


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