OeTTINGER-Postillon24 collaboration: New Year, new episode, lots of resolutions

New Year’s resolutions: Sometimes we manage to keep them, sometimes not – and sometimes, it’s best not to make any in the first place. Indeed, Thiess Neubert from our crossmedial satirical collaboration partner “Postillon” has made a lot of resolutions for 2021. Episode 2 of the “Experiment” series, which is sponsored by OeTTINGER, is now online.


New episode of our OeTTINGER-Postillon24 collaboration: "Becoming an influencer"

In the latest “Neubert-Experiment” episode, anchorman Thiess Neubert attempts to become a successful social media influencer. Along with the first...

World of Wonder: How our beer is made

“No matter where you may come from, everyone will always have their own taste. But there is something for everyone...