"OeTTINGER puts itself to a blind taste test": Wide reach on Facebook

OeTTINGER was the first German brewery to put itself to a nationwide blind tasting test this summer and actively invited customers to taste its own beer with competitors’ products. The hits on Facebook show that the campaign attracted a lot of attention. OeTTINGER reached a massive 27.3 users within four months with its blind tasting test. The brand gained over 22,000 new fans during this time on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The passionate OeTTINGER Master Brewer Erwin Hopfenbach, embodied by actor Nico Nothnagel, was the face of the campaign. The initial clip introducing him as the man character alone was viewed 1.17 million times on Facebook and viewed 120,000 on YouTube to date.
OeTTINGER blind taste test: top marks in Ludwigsburg The campaign tour across Germany with the slogan “0% prejudices. Simply try.” has been very successful with around 2000 participants at seven venues. Apart from the beer, the cult VW camper van, which turned up to a number of venues, was also extremely popular with the blind test participants. Some 70% of all testers in Ludwigsburg, Usedom, Hamburg-Harburg, Leipzig, Koblenz, Waltrop and Stuttgart rated OeTTINGER in first or second place. The brand achieved top marks at the inaugural event in Ludwigsburg where the traditional beer was rated in 1st or 2nd place by an impressive 78% of the 350 testers.

“We are thrilled that so many people have taken part in our nationwide campaign,” states Jörg Dierig, Managing Director of the OeTTINGER Brewery. “We are very proud of the result. We wanted to prove that it is only the taste of the beer that matters.” Precisely because the campaign was so successful, the brewery plans to continue the blind taste test once again in 2017 to enthuse even more people about the products.


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