OeTTINGER with "Best Social Media Performance" among German beer brands

OeTTINGER Brewery had particular cause for celebration on German Beer Day this year after taking top spot in the major Online Check carried out by the online agency web-netz, which investigates the social media presence of German beer brands. 

The analysis showed that OeTTINGER Brewery earned top-ten places for its Facebook and Instagram posts in six of the surveyed categories. Moreover, on three occasions, we achieved a podium place in the top three! The survey rated the key metrics “Followers”, “Engagement” and “Activity”. Across the entire social media rankings, we achieved 16 points, placing us ahead of strong regional brands such as Flensburger and ÜberQuell from northern Germany. 

Annemarie Jungbluth, Social Media Expert from web-netz’s Food & Beverage Unit, says: “OeTTINGER’s performance is a huge surprise. It’s really cool that they have found a way of using Instagram to attract a young target group. A lot of the content is produced by the community itself – it’s a really straightforward content strategy that puts the youngsters at the heart of communications, with fitting captions used to comment on topical situations.”

Of course, OeTTINGER’s social media posts wouldn’t be what they are without the huge involvement from our fans! Our unique OeTTINGER community has played an enormous part in this achievement and so today, we would like to say an especially heartfelt “thank you, you’re awesome!”For the full results of the study with further info on OeTTINGER’s performance and many more beer brands, click here.

Great events are often foreshadowed: OeTTINGER Brewery is certified as having the “Best Social Media Performance” of all German beer brands.