Original and regional, as always: OeTTINGER Helles now features orgin label for Bavarian Beer

A new look for an OeTTINGER classic: Our popular Original OeTTINGER Helles, a typically Bavarian beer variant, will now display the quality label “Bavarian beer – Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI). Original OeTTINGER Helles is now brewed exclusively at OeTTINGER’s headquarters in Oettingen, Bavaria. This origin label once again highlights OeTTINGER’s typically Bavarian character and commitment to its roots. German beer, and Bavarian beer specifically, is regarded all over the world as a product of particularly special origin and quality. Since 2001, the regional origin of this traditional foodstuff has been specially protected under European law with the “Bavarian Beer” seal.

Dr. Andreas W. Boettger, Managing Director of OeTTINGER Brewery, says: “It is great that a national brewery such as ourselves can also offer regional specialties in our range. These are produced in the area where the respective beer-type is typical – for example, Gotha’s black beer, Altbier in Mönchengladbach or even Helles from Oettingen in Bavaria – and always with hops from the Hallertau, by the way. For this reason, I am absolutely delighted that we can now use the protected Bavarian quality seal for our Helles. In so doing, we are following the tradition of Bavarian premium breweries by underlining the strengths of our Helles as a typically Bavarian variant”. However, OeTTINGER also highlights the beer’s special origin through the design of the bottles: Since May 2019, the labels used for OeTTINGER Helles have included a traditional symbol of Bavarian culture in the form of a blue-white diamond pattern. 

For OeTTINGER, tradition and heritage have always played a special role. The brewery manufactures its entire product range in line with the motto “Regional across Germany”. This includes the ingredients, which are of German origin almost without exception and are often even local to a brewery’s location. In so doing, OeTTINGER not only fosters close regional links and supports the local economies, but it also makes a significant contribution toward climate protection. OeTTINGER beers are held in high regard all over the world for their top quality, with the company absolutely committed to manufacturing top-quality products brewed strictly in line with the German purity law and free of GM ingredients. However, OeTTINGER products are above all one thing: Always original.

Protected top quality from Bavaria: The popular Original OeTTINGER Helles now displays the origin label “Bavarian beer”.


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