Original OeTTINGER Pils rated "very good" by Öko-Test

We have always known that our fans have great taste… in every sense of the word! And now, the magazine Öko-Test has confirmed this by once again awarding the Original OeTTINGER Pils its top rating of “very good”.
This outstanding assessment does not just mean that our Pils tastes great: It also shows that our product has fully met the independent consumer protection magazine’s stringent quality criteria, with the “GMO-free” label displayed by all OeTTINGER beers playing a leading role here.
As part of the latest quality test, the Öko-Test jury compared and tested the 50 leading Pils beers on the German market. These included major brands as well as regional and organic products. After all, Pils remains one of the most popular types of beer in Germany. And the same goes for OeTTINGER Brewery, where our somewhat more strongly hopped classic remains subject to the highest levels of demand.
In this test, aspects such as bitterness units, alcohol content, head stability and ingredients were assessed. The result: Our Pils impressed the jury across the board, and was one of 28 brands to receive the top overall rating of “very good”.
With this Öko-Test result, it is the second time that OeTTINGER has had cause for celebration this month. Just a few days ago, our Original OeTTINGER Weißbier Alkoholfrei impressed the jury on the TV show ZDF WISO, taking top spot in the taste test. In short: We are pretty happy with that!

Taste and quality without traditional marketing: The Original OeTTINGER Pils is great value for money.


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