Original OeTTINGER Radler takes top spots in WISO test

The WISO editorial team tested six Radlers for their latest video clip “Which Radler is best?” Although no overall winner was announced, if you add up the scores across all of the categories together, our Original OeTTINGER Radler is the clear victor!

Inken Küpper, a beer sommelier and beer ambassador from Düsseldorf, is a real fan of our Radler – in particular due to its malt notes (Screenshot / ZDF WISO)

Here are the individual results:

  • Price: 2nd place
  • Unrepresentative consumer taste check: 2nd place
  • Beer sommelier: 1st place
  • Sustainability: 1st place

Congratulations to our brewers and all colleagues from the production department! The WISO video clip can be viewed online via ZDF-Mediathek. Length: 10 minutes.


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