Over 100 attendees at Engineering and Sales Meetings

New impetus for the entire Group emanates from pioneering events held recently at the Gotha site. Over 100 attendees attended the OeTTINGER Brewery’s Engineering Meeting and the Sales Kick-off Conference in mid-March in Gotha. “The active work of all colleagues contributed greatly to the success of the two days, which were pioneering for our brewery,” reports Jörg Dierig, Managing Director for Sales and Marketing at OeTTINGER Brewery.

Engineering Meeting: Promotion of an internal exchange of experience
Engineering Meetings have been held since 2008. The brewery invites the Operations Manager of all four OeTTINGER brewery sites (Oettingen, Mönchengladbach, Braunschweig and Gotha) and the managers from the respective Production, Quality Assurance, Bottling and Maintenance departments to other brewery sites within the OeTTINGER Brewery Group. This ensures that colleagues from the four different sites successively get to know all sites and their respective colleagues. Some 60 people came to Thuringia this year. Managing Director Dr. Karl Liebl, who is responsible for Engineering, Technology, Quality Management, Buying, Materials Management, Logistics, Insurance and Licensing, headed up the meeting and warmly welcomed those present. He had organised an informative and varied programme of events. The meeting revolved around technical presentations on the most diverse topics. “This meeting is intended to strengthen the cross-departmental and inter-site exchange of experiences to reinforce the network within the brewery as well as within the teams at the respective sites. To achieve this, we formed discussion groups with people from Maintenance, Production, Quality Assurance and Bottling, which resulted in lively discussions,” stresses Dr. Liebl. 

Sales Meeting: “Facing up to the challenges of the market with courage and self-awareness”

In addition to the Engineering Meeting, the OeTTINGER Brewery also invited Sales employees to Gotha. Some 45 employees from Field Sales, Telephone Sales and Marketing took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and put forward suggestions and ideas. The overarching idea behind the meeting was: “To face up to the challenges of the market with courage and self-assurance.” During a dedicated training session on “From seller to customer manager,” the participants faced up to the new challenges of the market in detail. “Much has changed in this field in recent years and it has undergone a complete transformation,” explains Jörg Fritze, Sales Director of the OeTTINGER Brewery. “In the past, a field sales employee was a seller – whereas today he is a Customer Manager who has to offer the corresponding knowledge and expertise!” Apart from the workshop, the agenda of the two-day meeting also included talks with discussion rounds by Managing Director Jörg Dierig and Sales Director Jörg Fritze.

The event was rounded off by a joint evening for both teams at the exhibition centre in Erfurt.


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