Pleasure with distinction: OeTTINGER Radler naturtrüb wins gold DLG prize

The German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft; DLG) has awarded a gold DLG prize to OeTTINGER Radler naturtrüb, a naturally cloudy shandy variant. The testers praised the exceptional product quality. Since the market launch in July 2018, this sparkling beer-mix drink in its iconic “Steinie” bottle has quickly amassed a loyal following, who simply love the refreshingly crisp, fruity-herbytaste. The citrus notes make this drink perfect for the summer sunshine. Technical Director of OeTTINGER Brewery, Dr. Andreas Boettger, commented: “We are delighted that our naturally cloudy Radler has proven so popular with DLG experts and our customers alike. It performed excellently in the DLG’s sensory testing, which is something we can take great pride in.”

The naturally cloudy OeTTINGER Radler, which comes in 330 ml Steinie bottles, is well on trend for two different reasons. Boettger explains: “It is not just that smaller bottles are becoming ever more popular, but that naturally cloudy shandy variants are currently enjoying disproportionately high growth in the beer market. Our naturally cloudy OeTTINGER Radler is one of the less sweet products available, with the subtle hoppy notes providing for a particularly balanced palate. But, of course, everyone needs to taste it for themselves at least once and enjoy this DLG-certified quality product.”

With the latest prize for its naturally cloudy Radler, OeTTINGER Brewery has now won a total of 215 medals in DLG quality controls since 1980, of which 107 are gold. Added to this are seven DLG awards for long-standing product quality and seven Gold Awards Monde Selection as well as seven regional awards and four federal awards for consistently high-quality products and services. Original OeTTINGER is the second-most popular beer brand in Germany. Consumers regularly praise the exceptional price-performance ratio of OeTTINGER products and ensured that the brand was voted “Customer Favorite 2019” as part of the major Germany Survey carried out by the magazines Focus and Focus Money.


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