Proudly celebrating a series of successes: OeTTINGER Brewery Mönchengladbach receives state award for the tenth time

Top quality is a tried and tested recipe for success: For what is now the tenth time, our OeTTINGER Brewery Mönchengladbach has been awarded the North Rhine-Westphalia State Award for Food Products.

The coveted prize was awarded by Ursula Heinen-Esser, Minister for Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection – she said: “The state award is our way of showing our appreciation for particularly outstanding businesses in the area of food production here in North Rhine-Westphalia. I congratulate OeTTINGER on being one of the best in North Rhine-Westphalia.” 

Jürgen Brunacker, Technical Plant Manager at our Mönchengladbach site, is delighted with the award: “We are very proud to have won the State Award for Food Products at our site in Mönchengladbach for what is now the tenth time. This is a testament to how we consistently maintain our quality standards. We are absolutely delighted that, along with the quality of our products, our apprenticeship programs at this site were also a factor in selecting us for the state award as, the training and further education of young people is for us extremely important. This is also evident from the fact that many of our brewers and maltsters who have been trained since 2004 continue to work for the company or have returned to us.” 

Recognizing high product quality and commitment 

The NRW Ministry of Agriculture State Award for Food Products of North Rhine-Westphalia is awarded every year. With the award, the federal state not only honors the outstanding results achieved by businesses in the DLG (German Agricultural Society) quality tests, which companies undergo voluntarily, but also recognize the commitment to sustainable production and the provision of apprenticeships in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Delighted with their latest prize: (From left to right) Apprentice Moritz Winderlich, Apprentice Niclas Gotzen, Master Brewer Udo Feiter, Apprentice Dimitrij Boldyrev, Master Brewer Sven Willim, Technical Plant Manager Jürgen Brunacker.


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