Quality control: The key to award-winning OeTTINGER products

Top quality is our brewery’s number one priority. We have been pursuing this goal since 1731 while at the same time focusing on the systematic further development of OeTTINGER standards. For this reason, our four breweries across Germany each feature their own quality control department, with 30 staff members in total employed across the four sites. They are Master Brewers, Food Technology Specialists and Lab Technicians, and all ensure that we regularly pass the crucial annual International Food Standard (IFS) audits with flying colors.

The quality controls are used to check all raw materials in addition to monitoring temperatures, fermentation and alcohol content during the brewing process, while hygiene checks are also carried out.

Once the brewing process is complete, the beer is subject to a number of tests in the lab. For example, color and original wort are checked. 

Moreover, it goes without saying that, at the end, we make sure it tastes right too. Our beer only goes for bottling when the quality control team has given it a solid thumbs up after tasting. Because as we said right at the start: Top quality is our brewery’s number one priority!

Quality control Team in Oettingen.
Quality control Team in Braunschweig.
Quality control Team in Mönchengladbach.
Quality control Team in Gotha.


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