Summer enjoyment at OETTINGER: the warmer days are set to kick off with the enjoyably invigorating taste of new Radler Naturally Cloudy Shandy. This specialist beer is guaranteed to win over fans with its lightly fruity lemon taste and pleasantly tangy fresh beer flavours. But the Radler Naturally Cloudy Shandy does more than just impress with its taste – its new packaging makes the relaunch quite unique in the extensive OETTINGER range.

Consumers can now buy the sparkingly refreshing Radler Naturally Cloudy Shandy in 0.33-litre stubby ‘steinie’ bottles. The traditional company’s light new product is therefore perfect for lively gatherings on balmy late-summer evenings.

Sparklingly fresh in a 0.33-litre glass bottle

Naturally cloudy Radler shandies are still on course for growth in Germany, as are the 20 x 0.33-litre reusable bottles. The light weight of the bottles reduces the overall weight of the beer crate, ensuring that they can be safely and comfortably handled in retail stores. Thanks to its compact design, the rustic ‘steinie’ bottle creates a kind of ‘cult’ customer-focussed packaging for the Radler Naturally Cloudy Shandy, extending and enhancing any assortment of drinks.


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