Portrait: Siegfried Hanisch, Production


  • Site: Braunschweig
  • Qualification: State-certified technician
  • Department: Industrial Engineering & Construction
  • At OeTTINGER: since 2009, at the site since 1984


As Head of Industrial Engineering, Maintenance and Construction I am generally out and about encountering new challenges every day. Together with my team I am responsible for ensuring that our machines produce reliably. My key role is to rectify any defect as quickly as possible – whether in Production, Energy Supply, Bottling or Logistics. No day is like any other and every day brings its own surprises – you actually never know what is going to break down that day and the impact that it will have. A small accident can even turn into a major exercise for the local fire department. I remember one particular incident a few years ago: we had actually rectified a defect really quickly, but then the incident ended up taking all day, with helicopters and major involvement by the fire department. That certainly caused quite a few grey hairs! If I’m not dealing with repairs, then my day-to-day work also involves coordinating the deployment of workers from the Metalworking, Electrical Engineering and Energy Supply sections. We don’t just think about the here and now, we are also committed to working towards the future of our brewery. This year we introduced an energy management system to be able to produce more efficiently and consume significantly less energy. That can only be good for the environment.


Although we produce around 1000 million litres of beer every year and are one of Germany’s leading breweries, I regard OeTTINGER as being a very friendly and informal company without rigid corporate structures. Everyone knows everyone here in Braunschweig, we have short decision-making channels and a direct rapport with all members of staff. That makes our work so much easier and also creates a good working atmosphere within the workforce. This sense of community is also reflected in the company’s strategy: a large proportion of OeTTINGER’s profit flows back into the company. That means that we can optimise equipment or even replace it, if we need to. You can tell that things are moving here. That way we can ensure that we remain in the Premier League of breweries: Being demoted to the Second Division is just not an option for us.


As Head of Industrial Engineering and Maintenance, I am used to repairing or improving things. And outside of work I also like working with my hands. There’s always something that needs to be done on our house and there’s always plenty of gardening work as well. Moreover, since 2004 I have been training two or three times a week in a karate club. Martial arts is really good for me as a balance to my work; it keeps me fit, strengthens my back and muscles and is also good for the soul.


I have seen quite a bit of the world during my training as a Lean Manager. But no matter what beer I tried in Denmark, Sweden, England or Serbia – Original OeTTINGER Kellerbier is the one that has always tasted best of all. In summer I also like a wheat beer every now and then and, not forgetting, Original OeTTINGER Export as well.


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