Small bottle, great pleasure: OeTTINGER presents Helles in a new bottle

Like many of OeTTINGER’s specialities, Helles also grows with the market: The subtly hopped Vollbier with balanced original wort is growing in popularity – and not just in South Germany. At the end of May, OeTTINGER Helles will also appear on beverage retailers’ shelves in small containers. With its compact, iconic design, the 0.33l steinie bottle is highly shatter-proof and easy to handle, making it perfect for the upcoming outdoor season.

For many years, the handy steinie bottle has been evolving into a firm feature of the market with the pils, export and, since last year, the cellar beer and shandy naturally cloudy varieties. With its light blue label, which has become an unmistakeable feature of this typically Bavarian beer, it can be spotted straight away on the drinks shelf. With steinie in 20 x 0.33l deposit crates, OeTTINGER brewery is once again meeting the increasing consumer demand for small containers and greater variety.

OeTTINGER Helles: Soon be available in the 0.33-liter-steinie-bottle and the 0.5-liter-bottle.


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