Staff development – 1st quarter of 2017

The best things come in threes: bearing this in mind, shareholder Pia Kollmar and Managing Director Michael Mayer presented awards to three magnificent projects. Matthias Keßler (Shipping) was thrilled to receive a symbolic cheque to the value of €1,000 for the refurbishment of the Lauber Sports Association clubhouse. Thomas Fischer (Fleet) received €750 for the “KidsClub” section of the FC Birkhausen Sports Club and Karl Schmidt (Fleet) also received €750 for the Wassertrüdingen Angling Club’s junior camp-site.

From left to right: Thomas Fischer, Karl Schmidt, Pia Kollmar (Shareholder), Matthias Keßler, Michael Meyer (Managing Director)


Perfectly arranged: Works Manager Winrich von Bierbrauer presented €1,000 to Jörn Schneider (Head of Bottling) and Braunschweig Canoe Touring e.V.

From left to right: Winrich von Bierbrauer (Operations Manager), Jörn Schneider


Twice the joy: Kerstin Müller, Assistant to the Management, presented cheques to two colleagues. Hans Deutmarg (Technical Administrator) was thrilled to receive €1,250, which will be used for the Impulse Workshop and for people suffering from mental illness. Reiner Schmitz (Head of Logistics) received €1,250 for the Hardter Children’s Carnival Fund.

From left to right: Hans Deutmarg, Kerstin Müller (Assistant to the Management), Reiner Schmitz


Twice the pleasure: Gotha Sales Manager Jörg Fritze this time handed over two cheques to two colleagues from Administration. Franziska Rudloff (Export Office/l.) received €1,250 for the Ettenhausen Nesse Village Association e.V., which, we are proud to say, wishes to set up its own tap equipment and bar. Stefanie Schafferhans (IT) will give €1,250 to the thepra Kindergarten e.V. in Wichteldörfchen, which wishes to construct a roller slide for children with disabilities.

From left to right: Franziska Rudloff, Stefanie Schafferhans

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