Staff development – 2nd quarter of 2017

Do good and spread the word! True to this mantra, OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH has now for the second time this year presented awards to employees of the company who volunteer in their free time to help a non-profit organisation or are involved in a sporting, cultural or social way with personal projects.


The €2,500 from the donation pot was split this quarter between the Goslar Budo Sports School (€1,000), the Bortfeld Voluntary Fire Service (€500), the Hordorf Voluntary Fire Service (€500) and the Prellball Section (Bounce Ball) of Grün-Weiß Vallstedt von 1893 e.V. (€500).

From left to right:  Siegfried Hanisch, Philipp Zoch, Peter Kirsch and Timo Vogel


The “Self-help for young kidney disease-sufferers e.V.” association and the German Life Saving Association each received €1,250.

 From left to right: Marcus Kästner and Andy Tillner


The €2,500 from Oettingen were shared this time between the Schwörsheim / Munningen Sport Club (€1,000), the Klenerdlingen Sports Club (€750) and the Auhausern Protestant Kindergarten (€750).

From left to right: Klemens Gerstmeier, Anton Kohler and Steffen Oberhauser 


In Mönchengladbach, this time €1,000 are going to the City of Mönchengladbach Children’s Prince Guards and €750 each to Treudeutsch Lank Handball and Grün Weiss Sparta Gerderath

From left to right: Stephan Vogel, Patrick Knorn and Holger Brückes

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