Staff development - 4th quarter of 2017

Do good and spread the word! True to this mantra, OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH has now for the third time this year presented awards to employees of the company who volunteer in their free time to help a non-profit organisation or are involved in a sporting, cultural or social way with personal projects.


Operations Manager Winrich von Bierbrauer presented a cheque for € 1,250 to Monika Störig for Braunschweig Golf Club and to Udo Briesemeister for the Basketball Supporters Braunschweig Fan Club e.V.

From left to right: Udo Briesemeister, Monika Störig and Operations Manager Winrich von Bierbrauer.


Operations Manager Florian Fahr toasted two fantastic projects with Jan Daniel (€ 1,250 for TSV 1869 Sundhausen) and Frank Wagner (€ 1,250 for the Burgverein Liebenstein Thüringen e.V.)

From left to right: Jan Daniel, Operations Manager Florian Fahr and Frank Wagner


The disaster that struck the small village of Otting on the evening of Assumption Day brought those responsible at the OeTTINGER brewery to the scene. The dark volumes of water that swept through the main street of Otting after a storm wreaked tremendous damage.
An event that prompted the management of the OeTTINGER Brewery to deviate from its usual rules governing donations. On top of it all, the Head of the brewery’s own vehicle workshop, Johann Meister, is himself a resident of Otting and was very close to the disaster.
The payment of the donation amount available in each quarter was brought forward, the company did not draw lots as usual and the entire amount was made available to the victims of the disaster in Otting.

Managing Director Michael Mayer and Shareholder Pia Kollmar took it upon themselves to visit the site of the disaster and inspect the damage in person and talk to those affected and those in charge. They took two cheques for € 1,250 with them: one for the village community of Otting, which was handed over the First Mayor Johann Bernreuther, and a second one for the St. Hubertus Shooting Association, which was especially badly hit, and was accepted by First Master Rifleman Christian Haindl.

From left to right: Michael Mayer (Managing Director, OeTTINGER Brewery), Christian Haindl (First Master Rifleman), Johann Bernreuther (First Mayor of Otting), Pia Kollmar (Shareholder, OeTTINGER Brewery) and Johann Meister (Head of Vehicle Workshop, OeTTINGER Brewery)


Sven Willim (€ 1,500 for the Friends of the Catholic Primary School of Noithausen-Grevenbroich) and Andreas Reem (€ 1,000 for the Dancing Tournament Club of Mönchengladbach-Rheydt) shared the donation in Mönchengladbach.

From left to right: Sven Willim, Kerstin Müller and Andreas Reem

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