Staff development in the 4th quarter of 2015

Do good and spread the word! True to this mantra, OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH has now for the fourth time this year presented awards to employees of the company who volunteer in their free time to help a non-profit organisation or are involved in a sporting, cultural or social way with personal projects.


€1,200 for GNJV Fürnheim
Timo Saur (centre) from the Transport Fleet

€800 for FFW Hainsfarth
Robert Jung (right) from Bottling

€500 for the Bavaria Megesheim Shooting Club
Martin Wach, also from Bottling (Mr. Dietrich, Bottling Manager, accepted the prize on his behalf, on left)


Basketball Fanclub Supporters Braunschweig
Udo Briesemeister from Bottling

Kleingärtnerverein e.V. gardening club, Lindenberg 1
Uwe Harnisch from Quality Assurance

Liedinigen voluntary local fire brigade
Mario Behrens from the Transport Fleet


€875 for the Tackhütte Shooting Club (to promote youth work)
Moritz Krech

€875 for VFB Korschenbroich (jerseys)
Thomas Kamper

€750 for the St. Sebastianus Shooting Brotherhood, Mersch-Plattern (redesign of the village square)
Stephan Ziebarth


€750 for HC Empor Rostock e.V. (for youth training)
Michael Preidel-Krull (Sales)

€750 for the Fishing Club, Sport Fishing Association (game keeping and maintenance)
Michael Wiesner (Shipment)

€1,000 for SV Frisch Auf Emleben (youth development)
Jens Ackermann (Bottling)

About the OeTTINGER personnel development program.

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