The starting date for apprenticeship training is either 1 August or 1 September each year, depending on the federal state. Four apprentices started their future careers at Oettinger Brauerei GmbH, a leading manufacturer of beer, beer mix drinks and soft drinks, on 3 September at the Oettingen site. Managing Director Michael Mayer together with the three Training Managers, Barbara Lechner, Johannes Lutz and Thomas Wiedemann, welcomed the new “trainees” and wished them a successful start to their professional careers.

A future brewer and maltster will be initiated in the art of beer brewing. Two apprentices will be trained as industrial clerks and one apprentice will be trained as a food technology specialist. Michael Mayer stressed that the education and training of young people was dear to his heart but also required hard work, interest and motivation on the part of the young people.

A guided tour around the brewery was then on the agenda. The trainees were fascinated by the four automatic bottling systems capable of bottling 3,500,000 litres of beer every day. However, the complexity and speed of order picking and truck loading in the Shipping department clearly also really impressed the new apprentices.

The new trainees spent their first lunch break with Oettinger 2nd and 3rd year trainees in the Fürnheim Brewery Tavern, where they gained an insight into the history of the brewery. Everyone had an opportunity to get to know each other over lunch. In the afternoon the new apprentices then received the requisite hygiene and safety training so that they would be able to start the next day – well prepared.

Oettinger Brewery currently employs some 450 people at is headquarters in Oettingen, including 15 trainees in four different apprenticeship positions.

All the apprentices at a glance at the initiation day for the new Oettinger Brewery apprentices in front of the Forstquell Brewery, the original home of the Kollmar brewing family. Michael Mayer Managing Director (right) alongside trainers Barbara Lechner and Thomas Wiedemann and trainer Johannes Lutz (on left 2nd row / Photo: Johannes Scherer).


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