The OeTTINGER Brewery pours cold water on prejudices

Men feel sorry for themselves, women can’t park and cheap beer can’t be any good. OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH is currently turning its attention to prejudices, particularly those relating to its own beer. Because the brewery has established, time and time again, that many consumers are surprised that they really can’t taste the difference with their preferred beer in a blind tasting. With the slogan “Pour cold water on prejudices”, the OeTTINGER Brewery is inviting customers throughout Germany to a series of blind tastings from June to September. “For years, our OeTTINGER beer has been associated with the cliché that cheap beer can’t be any good, although we regularly score top marks in quality and taste tests,” explains Jörg Dierig, Managing Director of the OeTTINGER Brewery. “That’s why we are actively inviting consumers to convince them and others with a blind taste test.”

Last year the brewery garnered a lot of attention with its “OeTTINGER puts itself to a blind taste test” campaign. With an in-house produced board game, the “OeTTINGER Master Brewing Championship”, and a campaign tour across Germany, the brewery underlined how convinced it is of the quality of its beer. A series of humorous online clips showed the fictitious master brewer Erwin Hopfenbach heading off in his VW camper van to advertise the genuine taste of OeTTINGER beer throughout Germany.

OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH is seamlessly building on the successful 2016 campaign with this year’s PR. The clever linking of promotions at the POS and in public to its online and social media activities is helping to promote sales and a more positive brand image. At the outset, OeTTINGER encourages social media fans and their friends to try a range of beers without them being aware of the brand names. The most original submissions will be rewarded, among other things, with an exclusive event for fans and around 30 of their friends.  Master Brewer Erwin Hopfenbach will also be endorsing a new and exciting blind taste tour and sharing his experiences online – quirky, fun and giving prospective customers food for thought, he is planning to “pour cold water on prejudices”.

The OeTTINGER Brewery Editorial team would be pleased to provide you with the “Master Brewing Championship” game free of charge, on request. Please e-mail