The world is upside down! All thanks to coronavirus, right?

A unique art project: A very special photo exhibition has been adorning the windows of the bskunst association in the center of Braunschweig since yesterday. The organization is also showcasing an image of the fermentation and storage tanks at the OeTTINGER Brewery’s Braunschweig site.

Second image from the left: Our OeTTINGER fermentation and storage tanks in Braunschweig

“Life has been turned upside down, wrenched sideways, spun around and has also stood still. The way we in which we viewed the world before no longer seems to make sense at present. Everything that was familiar, safe and stable now seems twisted and flipped upside down. What was once familiar is no longer recognizable”, writes Günter Poley, a Braunschweig-based photohgrapher and artist.

And he has taken this quite literally: In his artwork, our fermentation and storage tanks in Braunschweig are barely recognizable any more. Instead, viewers are presented with imaginative structures. These images allow us to experience the familiar in a completely new way.

Günter Poley’s fascinating artwork isn’t just nice to look at, it is also a source of encouragement and hope that our currently upside-down world will secretly become more beautiful, even if this isn’t totally clear just yet.

These colorful works of art will be on view to the public until May 31, 2021, adorning the windows that have taken on something approaching cult status on Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 4.


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