There's good, there's better and then there's OeTTINGER: F.A.Z. award for top quality 

It doesn’t get much better than this: The F.A.Z Institute, an organization which belongs to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung publishing group, has awarded our brewery with the Top Quality certificate. And as if that wasn’t enough, OeTTINGER also achieved the highest possible score of 100 points, putting us in first place!
Brewery boss Pia Kollmar says: “Striving for top quality has always been a core focus of the OeTTINGER philosophy. To achieve this, we give our best every day in every area. We are absolutely delighted with this award as it shows us that our top quality products not only impress on a consistent basis but are also a huge hit with customers.”
What are people on social media saying about the quality of our products? This question was the focus of the extensive Top quality 2021 study, in which data from over 22,000 businesses were evaluated in the context of social listening and where our brewery also responded to questions as part of a comprehensive online questionnaire. The questionnaire covered the topic of quality in all its facets: from quality management to quality improvement. Service also played an important role here. Topics discussed included service quality, service processing and complaints management.
The bottom line is that the excellent result of the F.A.Z. analysis speaks not only for our company and our products, but especially for your good taste!

Top quality: The DLG Gold winners 2021 Original OeTTINGER Bock, Radler naturtrüb (naturally cloudy), Alt, Weißbier alkoholfrei (alcohol-free), Alkoholfreies Radler naturtrüb (alcohol-free, naturally cloudy) and Weißbier 12 naturtrüb (naturally cloudy).


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