"Top company for digital talents": Social listening study awards top marks to OeTTINGER Brewery

The Institute for Management and Economic Research and Business Punk magazine have named OeTTINGER Brewery as a “Top company for digital talents”.The brewery received five out of five stars and therefore the best possible rating.

Bernhard Wenninger, Managing Director at OeTTINGER Brewery, commented: “Digitalization will continue to advance: This also applies to a product as analog as beer, which has a history of over 6,000 years. Both our successful digital PR work and the high importance we attach to digitalization projects at the company have allowed us to prove day in, day out, that a family-owned food manufacturing company can also be highly innovative and particularly attractive even to digital natives.”

Social listening values provide the foundations for the rankings. This essentially means that, statements made in forums, for example, where current and former employees exchange views and debate, were factored into the evaluation, among other things. However, the analysis also includes media reports and comments from social media networks. The focus of these reputation rankings is therefore above all on how employers are perceived in precisely the place where digital talents gather: The Internet.

More than four million entries evaluated

As part of this “crawling” process, the pollsters collated around 4.4 million entries from 20,000 selected companies and brands headquartered in Germany that appeared on the Internet and on social media in the period from January 1, 2018 until March 31, 2019. They analyzed the statements for positive or negative substance and weighted the evaluations for example by factors including digital communication, working climate and salary.

Five formally trained careers at OeTTINGER

Among OeTTINGER Brewery’s workforce of around 1,050 employees across Germany, the company is currently training 35 apprentices in the following occupations:

  • Brewers and maltsters (m/f/other)
  • Food technology specialists (m/f/other)
  • Industrial managers (m/f/other)
  • Warehouse logistics specialists/warehouse clerk (m/f/other)
  • Drivers (m/f/other)

Current job, trainee and internship vacancies at OeTTINGER Brewery.