A tradition of top quality: OeTTINGER awarded DLG prize for long-standing product quality

Award-winning product quality is a proper OeTTINGER tradition: It is hardly surprising, then, that our Oettingen, Mönchengladbach and Braunschweig sites have once again received the DLG (German Agricultural Society) prize for long-standing product quality.

In fact, this was the ninth time that our Oettingen site impressed the jury, while Braunschweig and Mönchengladbach each celebrated receiving the award for a third time.  

Dr. Andreas W. Boettger, Managing Director at OeTTINGER Brewery, says: “Our commitment to top quality is a key part of the OeTTINGER philosophy. It is not about standing out just once. Instead, we aim to give our best every single day. And the priority is to make that perfect beer – no matter whether Pils or Export, Helles or Weißbier, Alt or Bock. I am absolutely delighted to receive these highly-regarded external quality certifications on behalf of our entire Brewery Group. They are also proof that we are real team players, as it is only because we all pull together that we have been able to deliver such outstandingly high quality all these years –and at an unbeatable price to boot.”

Our brewery’s regular participation in the DLG quality controls has long been a success story. In addition to the awards received by individual sites for their long-standing product quality, numerous OeTTINGER products have also already received a coveted DLG Award. In fact, since 1980, OeTTINGER has received 291 medals overall. On top of this, it has received nine Landesehrenpreise (state prizes) and four Bundesehrenpreise (federal prizes) in the foodstuffs category. And we will be giving our all to win more awards very soon.

About the DLG Awards

Every year, the expert judges of the International DLG quality controls examine the products of a large number of businesses in the food and beverages sector. Participation is voluntary. During the audits, the food and beverages are subjected to a range of tests. In addition to taste and smell, qualities such as alcohol content and original wort are also examined. 

In order to qualify for the award, businesses must have taken part in the quality controls at the DLG test center for foodstuffs for five consecutive years and have won at least three awards on each occasion. After its fifth successful year of participation, the business is distinguished with the award for long-standing product quality. If a producer does not participate in the quality controls one year, or does not receive the required number of awards, it subsequently loses a claim to the award.

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