Top spot secured again: OeTTINGER offers impressive value for money

“Excellent” was the rating awarded by consumers when asked about the value for money offered by OeTTINGER. And this was also the verdict of a major Handelsblatt study, which for seven years now has been assessing brands in terms of quality and price. 

For the online study, the market research and data analytics firm YouGov once again recently asked over 900,000 people which brands offer the best value for money. They awarded OeTTINGER second place in the “Beer” category, meaning we have successfully repeated our strong performance from previous years.

Our delighted Managing Director, Dr. Andreas W. Boettger, says: “I am very proud of how well our beer scored among the respondents. This top position is a testament to our consistent commitment to the very best quality.”

The annual DLG Awards are proof of our quality, with our most recent DLG Gold six pack showcasing our success, for example, while consumer studies such as those from Handelsblatt and YouGov confirm that we have struck the right balance with our pricing strategy.“The best beer at consistently attractive prices does not come about by chance,” Dr. Andreas W. Boettger underlines. “We brew regionally in cutting-edge plants, work and do business in an efficient manner, and forgo expensive advertising. Consumers really value this combination of factors.”

OeTTINGER offers impressive value for money.


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