Training and fun in one: Jonas Laubensdörfer is “OeTTINGER of the month” for April

Starting at the beginning is never easy. When it comes to this saying, Jonas Laubensdörfer is the exception that proves the rule. The 17-year-old began an apprenticeship as a brewer and maltster at our brewery in September 2022 – and he is our “OeTTINGER of the month” for April. For him, his apprenticeship is great fun. He says: “The best thing about my job is that I get to first make the beer – and then drink it!”

Of course, this job perk is impossible to beat. But there are more reasons why Jonas Laubensdörfer loves his apprenticeship with us. In the latest video of our “OeTTINGER of the Month” series, he reveals what those reasons are, as well as his favorite drink from the OeTTINGER range.


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