Unconventional, innovative and surprisingly different: Trial launch of OeTTINGER Hanfkiss in June/July

Hemp products such as hemp meal, hemp seeds and cannabis oil have been really popular for some time now – and the trend is growing stronger. The new OeTTINGER Hanfkiss beer mix now contains a chilled and refreshing portion of hemp. The beer mixer contains select organic green tea, hemp and herb extracts and a.b.v. of 2.5%. The THC content of the hemp used does not exceed 0.2%, meaning that it comes in below the legally permissible threshold value in Germany. Peter Böck, Director of Marketing and Sales at OeTTINGER Brewery, says: “We like to experiment, both at our locations and our headquarters, trying out new beer and beer mix drinks. The hemp variety went down really well with both our testers and among OeTTINGER staff. It was clear right away: Hanfkiss has potential; we’ll stick with this idea.”

Punchy hemp aroma meets subtle freshness – Vollbier also in the pipeline

The basis for OeTTINGER Hanfkiss is the popular OeTTINGER Helles, which is mixed with special herb extracts. OeTTINGER Brewery has lent this innovative beer mix drink a subtle, fresh element with the aim of counteracting the herby notes that hemp brings to the table. Böck says: “This combination ensures that OeTTINGER Hanfkiss provides a full-bodied and rounded taste experience in equal measures. It is the perfect drink for beer lovers who fancy trying something new or who prefer lighter beer varieties, as well as of course for all those who are curious as to how perfectly hemp can be paired with OeTTINGER beer.” Those who like a more intense flavor will also get their money’s worth, as a more bitter Vollbier variant with a higher alcohol content is already being developed. Peter Böck is convinced that OeTTINGER Hanfkiss “has the potential to grow into an entire product range”.

The trial run of OeTTINGER Hanfkiss was launched in northern Germany in mid-June and is available in practical 500ml PET bottles in all Famila, Jibi and Combi supermarkets. In the south of Germany, it is available in Edeka supermarkets in Oettingen. From July/August 2019, the innovative beer mix will also be available for purchase at OeTTINGER Brewery’s three other locations in Gotha, Mönchengladbach and Braunschweig, as well as in selected Edeka Nord supermarkets and in REWE supermarkets in Berlin.

The light and handy bottles, for which consumers pay a reclaimable deposit on return as is standard in Germany, are perfect for festivals and trips out in summer. For anyone who can’t wait that long and is desperate to try this special taste sensation for themselves, OeTTINGER Hanfkiss is available at the Wassertrüdingen garden show in the Bavarian district of Ansbach until September. So, in the meantime, there is nothing that can get in the way of your chance to enjoy a relaxing sip of OeTTINGER.

Unconventional, innovative and surprisingly different: OeTTINGER Hanfkiss


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