Vocational training as a recipe for success: OeTTINGER welcomes its new apprentices

OeTTINGER Brewery welcomes its new apprentices into the world of work: Since the beginning of September, the business’s headquarters in Oettingen, Bavaria, has benefited from the support of six new apprentices in the following professions: Brewer and maltster (m/f/other), professional driver (m/f/other), industrial manager (m/f/other) and warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/other). With around 440 employees and 15 apprentices, the site is one of the major employers in the Donau-Ries district. 

Ingrid Kollmar, Senior Partner of OeTTINGER Brewery, stresses: “In order to form the best possible teams at OeTTINGER, both experienced employees and young people who are enthusiastic about our business and products are extremely important. As a family business, we are constantly thinking about the next generation. It is an absolute pleasure for me to welcome our new apprentices into the OeTTINGER family.”

Nico Bachschuster-Engelhardt and Aaron Schröppel are now beginning their apprenticeships as brewers and maltsters. The professional driver team is also delighted to have two new colleagues on board: Alexander Rudel and Denis Andreica. Angelina Bucher is completing an apprenticeship as an industrial manager and Quentin Rudewig is training to be a warehouse logistics specialist. The new entrants were able to meet Ingrid Kollmar at the brewery’s headquarters in Fürnheim on their first day, who gave them a warm welcome to OeTTINGER Brewery.

OeTTINGER is now training a total of 44 apprentices at its four brewing sites across Germany in the following roles:

• Professional driver (m/f/other)

• Brewer and maltster (m/f/other)

• Electronics technician for automation technology (m/f/other)

• Warehouse logistics specialist/warehouse manager (m/f/other)

• Food technology specialist (m/f/other)

• Industrial manager (m/f/other)

For current career, apprenticeship and internship opportunities, please visit: www.oettinger-bier.de/karriere.

Here’s to great teamwork (from left): Alexander Rudel (professional driver apprenticeship), Quentin Rudewig (warehouse logistics apprenticeship), Denis Andreica (professional driver apprenticeship), Johannes Lutz (instructor), Thomas Wiedemann (instructor), Ingrid Kollmar (Managing Partner), Nico Bachschuster-Engelhardt (brewer and maltster apprenticeship), Angelina Bucher (industrial manager apprenticeship), Aaron Schröppel (brewer and maltster apprenticeship), Barbara Lechner (instructor).


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