"We can move mountains together!”

Together back to our former strength and onwards to pastures new! This was the message that went out from the Works Assembly of the OeTTINGER Brewery, which the Works Council of the traditional family-owned company had convened at the Oettingen headquarters site at the end of March.

“I expect each and every member of staff to appreciate with us – the new Board of Management and the Kollmar family – that we can move mountains together if each of us takes responsibility within our own community,” stated main shareholder Pia Kollmar at the start of the event that lasted just under three hours. At the same time, she reminded the 300 employees present of the OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH mission statement dating back to 1996, which then as now starts with the most important point: “The company is the focus of us all!”

This maxim is also embodied by the new Board of Management, completed at the start of February. The introduction of the new Directors therefore formed an important item on the agenda: Dr. Andreas Boettger (Responsible for Engineering, Quality and Buying), Bernhard Wenninger (IT, HR and Finance) and Peter Böck (Sales and Marketing) introduced themselves in person. The workforce then agreed the joint tasks for the coming months and years with Managing Director Michael Mayer. 

“Winning back lost ground and managing OeTTINGER as one of the most successful German beer brands in future” – that is the joint objective of the company management and all employees of the OeTTINGER Brewery, a goal that will need major effort on the part of each and every individual. Leading the way in this will also be new products, which stood on the tables at the Works Assembly in Oettingen and will be available in stores throughout 2018. 

Chair of the Works Council Oliver Bosch was both constructive and critical in his report about the operating environment and the workload in the loading department. He also informed the employees about new shift models for two departments.

Tim Lubecki, Regional Director of the NGG trade union in Swabia focussed his talk on the upcoming collective bargaining round.

The Works Assembly was brought to a celebratory conclusion by honouring long-service employees who have been employed by the brewery for a minimum of 25 years. (see photo)

A total of 38 employees, with a total of 720 years of service, this year celebrated a personal anniversary because they had been employed for 10 years or more at the headquarters of the OeTTINGER Brewery. Monika Steidle is the one person to have achieved a terrific 40 years of service.

The photograph shows – left side: Dominika Steinberg (HR Manager), Pia Kollmar (Shareholder), Michael Mayer (Managing Director), Monika Steidle (HR employee), Dr. Andreas Boettger (Managing Director), Gertrud Gruber (Accounts Receivable), Markus Wagner (Electrician), Katrin Kahlert (Sales), Oliver Bosch (Chair of the Works Council), Tobias Michel (Master Brewer)
right side: Thomas Wiedemann (Shipping Manager), Tino Kirstein (Brewer), Karl Heinz Lanzinner (Driver), Christoph Sens (Vehicle Workshop), Tobias Dürrwanger (Brewer), Winfried Beck (Bottling), Peter Böck (Managing Director), Werner Geiger (Bottling employee), Bernhard Wenninger (Managing Director)

OeTTINGER members of staff honoured*

25 year anniversary

  • Winfried Beck – Bottling employee
  • Tobias Dürrwanger – Production Brewer
  • Paul Friedel – Loading employee (not present)
  • Werner Geiger – Bottling employee
  • Gertrud Gruber – Accounts Receivable employee 
  • Katrin Kahlert – Internal Sales employee
  • Tino Kirstein – Production Brewer
  • Karl Heinz Lanzinner – Driver
  • Tobias Michel – Bottling Master Brewer
  • Christoph Sens – Vehicle mechanic
  • Markus Wagner – Maintenance electrician
  • Thomas Wiedemann – Shipping Manager

40 year anniversary

  • Steidle Monika – HR employee


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