Welcome Gino Biondi

Over the course of 2022, we made great progress with the streamlining of our OeTTINGER Brewery and our product range as well as our positioning as a sustainable drinks manufacturer. Now, our focus has turned to recruiting new staff to deal with strategic key issues.

Over the coming weeks, Pia Kollmar, Managing Director and Lead Shareholder, will become Chair of the OeTTINGER Brewery GmbH advisory board. Internationally experienced manager Gino Biondi will succeed her as Managing Director.

Pia Kollmar (left) & Gino Biondi

Brewery boss Pia Kollmar sums up the process: “The main hurdle in OeTTINGER’s transformation process is now behind us: The handover of the Gotha site, which is steeped in tradition, has been successfully concluded with the retention of all employees. However, in the near term, our aims are not only to rapidly implement further restructuring measures, such as more efficient capacity utilization, strengthening our core range and new distribution options, but also to tackle the major, overarching issues: Soaring costs, price adjustments, digitization, sustainability and social responsibility, for example. It is on these areas that I intend to focus all my energy.”

Gino Biondi has headed up the areas of technology, finance, procurement, IT and HR since December 2022. A Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from Paris and Hartford, he boasts extensive success over many years in management roles at companies such as John Deere and Deutz. Peter Böck will remain on the Management Board as Marketing and Sales Director.


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