World of Wonder: How our beer is made

“No matter where you may come from, everyone will always have their own taste. But there is something for everyone in the OeTTINGER range. And their favorite drink will be Always Original.” These were the final words of the most recent edition of “Welt der Wunder” (World of Wonder), a scientific magazine show on TV, which focused on OeTTINGER Brewery. It was broadcast for the first time this week and can now be viewed online: “World of Wonder: How our Beer is made“.

The clip, which is just over eight minutes long, shows the journey of our beer: From accepting deliveries of the raw materials to the all-important production steps and quality control standards, all the way to the finished product in returnable bottles and cans. The program also offers a rare insight into the history of our family business, which is steeped in tradition. For this reason, it also begins and ends at the Forstquell Brewery in Fürnheim, Bavaria – so exactly where, in 1731, the cornerstone for the brewing tradition of OeTTINGER Brewery was first laid.

It’s definitely worth a look!


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