World Water Day: Without this precious resource, there would be no OeTTINGER

No water, no beer. But for us, water is more than just an essential ingredient in the brewing process. For example, it is also vital for cleaning bottles, equipment and vehicles.
To mark World Water Day, we are showing you how water is used at our breweries, while also documenting our efforts aimed at conserving and treatment methods for this vital resource. Because it takes several processes to transform ordinary drinking water into high quality brewing water.

In Mönchengladbach, we source our water from our own wells up to 150 meters underground.
For the brewing process, we require water for mashing in the mash tun and for the second wort in the lauter tun.
Beer itself is approximately 90% water.
However, of course, we also use water to clean empty bottles, crates and trucks.
Process water ends up in our in-house treatment plant, where it is made cleaner and purer than river or groundwater.
In order to brew a single liter of beer, we need around three liters of water * – just a few years ago, brewers needed up to ten liters of water to produce one liter of beer.

*Total water consumption/overall output OeTTINGER Group 2021


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