Years filled with passion and dedication: Oettingen celebrates a jubilee milestone

Here at OeTTINGER, as a tradition-conscious family company, the value we place on our staff and on maintaining good relationships with them has always been of the utmost importance. Our staff, their commitment and the passion they share for our company and its products are the mainstay of our success. Our aim is to ensure that OeTTINGER staff look forward to coming to work and enjoy being here. That we have succeeded in this mission is borne out by the fact that our staff stay with us for many years, ensuring that employee turnover is low.

On November 5, 2019, we celebrated another milestone in our history by marking the 25th anniversary of our Oettingen headquarters with a celebration held at the time-honored Forstquell Brewery in Fürnheim. Owners Ingrid and Pia Kollmar and the two Directors, Dr. Andreas W. Boettger and Bernhard Wenninger, praised the loyalty and long years of service (minimum ten years) of our colleagues. Bedrock of the company, Johann Dietrich, Master Brewer and Head of the Bottling Department, can look back with huge pride on 45 years of distinguished service with the company. Among all colleagues celebrating a milestone with OeTTINGER alone, the combined total of all the jubilee anniversaries comes to an impressive 490 years of service for the company.

Pia Kollmar expressed her thanks to all those present: “As members of the OeTTINGER family, all of you have rendered sterling service to our company and are continuing to do so. Every day, you carry out your work with dedication and enthusiasm, proof that OeTTINGER can be justly proud of every member of staff.” The day ended with participants enjoying a festive dinner in a convivial atmosphere.

Overview of all the jubilee anniversaries!

45 years with the company

Johann Dietrich (Master Brewer and Head of the Bottling Department)

30 years with the company

Birgit Bruderek (advance tele-sales)
Karl Schmidt (fleet management)
Josef Lang (fleet management)
Werner Häfele (fleet management)
Walter Hascke (logistics)

25 years with the company

Alexander Leykauf (Master Brewer and Head of Production)
Beate Herteux (laboratory)
Heiko Dosch (controlling)

20 years with the company

Helmut Rudel (purification plant)
Thomas Gellner (fleet management)
Martin Schneck (fleet management)
Peter Schindler (fleet management)
Markus Stork (fleet management)
Beate Meierhuber (advance tele-sales)

10 years with the company

Simon Will (bottling plant)
Sebastian Pusch (bottling plant)
Markus Schwamm (metalwork)
Ludwig Thum (metalwork)
Volker Lechner (electric workshop)
Claas Endelmann (laboratory)
Christof Zottmann (IT)
Thomas Simon (logistics)
Matthias Alt (fleet management)
Julian Held (sales)

OeTTINGER Brewery marks a jubilee milestone by celebrating at the Forstquell Brewery in Fürnheim. Also present: Ingrid Kollmar (first on the right, front row) and Pia Kollmar (third on the right, front row).


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