The roots of OeTTINGER Brewery GmbH, headquartered in Oettingen, Bavaria, can be traced all the way back to the year 1731. Measured by production output, OeTTINGER is today one of Germany’s largest beer brands and is ranked among the top 30 most influential breweries worldwide. Each year, OeTTINGER fills approximately two billion bottles and cans with around eight million hectoliters of beer, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks. Around 800 proud and hard-working OeTTINGER employees work in Oettingen South, Oettingen North, Mönchen­gladbach and Brunswick as well as at our distribution center in Walldorf. Top quality, a wide range of products and a conscious decision to forgo advertising, partnerships with the food and beverage industry and cost drivers, as well as low prices and global availability, are all aspects that are firmly anchored in our company philosophy.

We source our raw materials for the most part from the immediate areas around our four brewing sites, from which we deliver the products to our customers regionally across Germany using our own fleet of motortrucks. Since 1980 alone, we have won more than 250 national and international awards for our consistently high-quality service and longstanding product quality. Our entire beer range has displayed the “GMO-free” label since 2013. Under our main OeTTINGER brand, we brew and mix more than 30 different beers and softdrinks. In so doing, we always offer exactly the right option to suit every taste in more than 100 countries.

OeTTINGER. Always original.